How Functional Medicine Gets Left Out of Health Insurance Coverage

Summary:Functional medicine, a holistic approach to healthcare, is often left out of health insurance coverage due to being a new and often more expensive field of medicine.

Functional medicine is aholistic approachto health care that focuses on theroot causeof diseases rather than just treating symptoms. Despite its growing popularity and effectiveness,functional medicineis often left out ofhealth insurancecoverage. In this article, we will explore why functional medicine is not covered by insurance and what it means for patients seeking this type of care.

Why Is Functional Medicine Left Out of Health Insurance Coverage?

One of the main reasons why functional medicine is not covered by insurance is that it is a relatively new field of medicine. Unlike traditional medicine, which has been around for centuries, functional medicine has only been around for a few decades. Insurance companies are often slow to adopt new practices, and they need to see evidence that a treatment is effective before they will cover it.

Another reason why functional medicine is not covered by insurance is that it is often more expensive than traditional medicine. Functional medicine doctors spend more time with patients and perform morecomprehensive testing, which can drive up the cost of care. Insurance companies are hesitant to cover expensive treatments, especially if there is no clear evidence that they are more effective than traditional treatments.

What Does This Mean for Patients Seeking Functional Medicine?

For patients seeking functional medicine, the lack of insurance coverage can be a significant barrier to accessing care. Without insurance, functional medicine can be prohibitively expensive, and many patients simply cannot afford to pay out of pocket. This can be especially challenging for patients with chronic illnesses or complex conditions that require ongoing treatment.

However, there are some options for patients seeking functional medicine. Some insurance companies are beginning to cover functional medicine treatments, although coverage can vary widely from plan to plan. Patients can also look for functional medicine practitioners who offer sliding scale fees or payment plans to make care more affordable.

The Importance of Health Insurance

While functional medicine may not be covered by insurance, it is still important to have health insurance coverage. Health insurance can help cover the cost of traditional medical treatments and prevent catastrophic financial losses in the event of a major illness or injury. Additionally, many insurance plans offer preventative care services, such as annual check-ups and screenings, that can help identify potential health problems before they become more serious.

When choosing a health insurance plan, it is important to consider your individual needs and budget. Look for plans that offer comprehensive coverage for the types of care you need, and be sure to read the fine print to understand what is and is not covered. It may also be helpful to work with a licensed insurance agent who can help you navigate the complex world of health insurance and find the best plan for your needs.


Functional medicine is a promising approach to health care that focuses on treating the root cause of diseases rather than just managing symptoms. While it is not yet widely covered by insurance, there are options for patients seeking this type of care. However, it is still important to have health insurance coverage to ensure access to traditional medical treatments and preventative care services. By understanding the options and working with a licensed insurance agent, patients can find the right balance of coverage for their individual needs and budget.

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